Bangladeshi mobile Internet Charges

30 Aug

1. Grameen Phone:


P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Subscribers Pre and Post Postpaid Postpaid Prepaid

Pre and Post

Pre and Post
Tariff(ex.VAT) None BDT 850/Month BDT 300/Month BDT 60/Day BDT 700/Month BDT 300/Month
Browsing Charge BDT 0.02/KB Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Data Limit 0.0 MB Unlimited Unlmited+P1 150MB then P1 3072MB  then P1 1024MB
then P1
TIME 24Hrs 24Hrs 12PM-8AM+P1 Till 12 AM 24Hrs 24Hrs

*15% VAT applicable

To subscribe to any package, type P1(or P2 or P3 or …) and SMS to 5000.

Besides regular SIM, GP offers Internet SIM for 150 Tk, which can work just like the regular sim except the voice service.
More Info

2. AKTel:

Plan Eligible Subscribers Applicable For Tariff (excl. VAT)
Pay-Per-Use All 24 Hours  0.02 and 0.01 Tk/KB*
Daily browsing Prepaid Activation to 12 AM Tk. 55 per pack
Monthly unlimited Postpaid 30 Days Tk. 750/month
Night browsing Postpaid 12 AM to 8 AM/30 Days Tk. 275/month
20/20 Internet Pack Prepaid Till 12 AM (20 MB only) Tk. 20
Volume Pack 1 GB Prepaid 30 Days Tk. 275
Volume Pack 3 GB Prepaid 30 Days Tk. 450
Volume Pack 5 GB Prepaid 30 Days Tk. 650

15% VAT applicable to all price

*Charge for Pay-Per-Use:




(without VAT)


9:01 AM to 12:59 AM

2 Paisa/KB


1:00 AM to 9:00 AM

1 Paisa/KB

More Info: FAQ
and for 20/20 Internet pack

Multiple volume pack can be activated even if you have existing pack activated; then ultimate validity

will be as per the most recent activated package date.


3. Banglalink:


Monthly unlimited package: TK. 650/month (excl. VAT)

Pay as you go/ volume charge: TK. 0.015/KB (excl. VAT)


Pay as you go/ volume charge: TK 0.020/KB (excl. VAT)

Pay as you go/ volume charge : TK 0.015/KB ( excl. VAT) for Call & Control(?)

Prepaid FAQ
Postpaid FAQ

4. Teletalk:


Service Type

Charges (Taka)

No Use No Pay

0.02/KB + VAT

No Use No Pay [Shadheen66 Package]

0.016/KB + VAT

Monthly Unlimited

800.00 + VAT

Monthly Unlimited [Shadheen66 Package]

666.00 + VAT

Daily Unlimited

50.00 + VAT

More Info

5. Citycell:

Zoom Tariff Chart (Prepaid)

Tariff Plan



10.00 am – 09.00 pm



09.00 pm – 12.00 am


Super Off-Peak

12.00 am – 10.00 am


– 1 second pulse – VAT applicable, 150 kbps speed in theory

Zoom Tariff Chart (Post-paid)

Data plan

Monthly limit

Monthly tariff (Tk.)

Zoom Saver



Zoom 2GB

2 GB


Zoom 5GB

5 GB


VAT Applicable 150 kbps speed in theory

Zoom ULTRA Tariff Chart


Monthly limit

Monthly tariff

150 kbps


1500 Tk

150 kbps

3 GB

800 Tk+0.0002/KB after 3 GB

512 kbps

5 GB

4500 Tk+0.0002/KB after 5GB

VAT Applicable

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