20 Quick Tips To Write Articles That Brings In More Readers ?

06 Sep
  1. First of all be clear with the topic. whatever may be the way, you could not write a good articles without knowing or understanding the topic. So be clear with your topic.
  2. The face of the article is the title. So make an effective and catchy title that attracts the visitors on the first look or first read.
  3. Craft the title closely coupled with the topic. Your title should address the body of the article, it should convey what you are going to speak inside the article.
  4. Give an introduction in the first few lines. This makes the readers to feel that you are going to convey the matter deeply.
  5. Break down the body of the article into headings and sub-headings. Never write as an essay, that bores every one. Having headings helps the readers to give a quick glance about the article.
  6. Keep the sentences short. Don’t write lengthy lines that makes more confusion. Because, lengthy lines leads to multiple reads.
  7. Write paragraphs. This makes the readers easy to read. Moreover it looks good and gives a beauty to your article.
  8. Give examples. If you are covering a hard to understand topic, give some examples. That really makes sense.
  9. Be ready with the headings first before writing the body of the article. This helps you to write fast articles.
  10. Use bullets and numberings where ever required. I thought this article is giving quick tips about writing. So I numbered every line to read quicker.
  11. Be creative. Creativity is more important when it comes to writing. So don’t limit your thoughts. See what is creative writing ?
  12. Be a persuasive writer. In the sense, make good sound through the article. It really drives and motivates the reader
  13. Do better formatting. Bolding and italics are the widely used formatting’s. Highlight the headings and important facts or points in your article. This helps quick readers to find the important information.
  14. End the article with a conclusion. You are discussion the topic in the body and driving the reader. When the situation is like that, you should also end the article with a bang. So give the conclusion or the judgement at the end. This gives the completeness for the article.
  15. Try to solve a problem. Giving solutions for the readers problem is the best way to attract readers. Go keep on solving and prove your expertness.
  16. Understand the reader and present the content. Don’t overload the content.
  17. You could mix up some fun or jokes in your articles. Tell some short stories relevant to the topic. It adds value.
  18. Go through the article once you are done with writing. Correct out the errors and add some more points to make perfect article.
  19. Give the readers an option to read more. Link out related articles that makes much more sense.
  20. Read this article again.
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